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What if my partner doesn’t want to attend couples counselling?

The decision to come to counselling sessions is often back and forth process.  Clients often take some time to decide on individual sessions, so when it involves two people making the decision, it makes sense that it might involve more back and forth and require more time for both partners to agree.

It’s best to approach your partner with the idea of couples counselling when things are more calm between you and use a gentle tone with kind words, of course, but giving your partner some time to mull over the idea might also be helpful.

In the end, if your partner doesn’t want to try couples counselling, you can always attend individual sessions on your own and work on your half of the relationship.  After you’ve done this for a while, your partner might see the benefit of counselling and agree to try it out, but even it they don’t, you may see benefits in your relationship just by working on ‘your stuff’!