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A word about regulatory bodies

I am a member in good standing of my regulatory body: Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists (NSCCT).  All regulatory bodies exist to regulate their members and protect the public.  This is an important protection for all consumers of professional services that are monitored by such bodies.

The NSCCT has recently published an info-graph that explains the complaint procedure and requires all members (Registered Counselling Therapists) to make this available to their clients in their offices, in their informed consent documents, and on their websites.

It’s important for all clients to read this info-graph, so I’ve copied an image of this below. You’ll also find it in my informed consent document that all clients sign before commencing work with me. If you want to download the info-graph, you’ll also see a link below its image.


Download the Complaint Procedure Infographic (PDF 274KB)